The Central States Judges Association Hall of Fame was established in May of 2000 to recognize individuals who have been central to the growth of pageantry judging in the United States of America at an exemplary level. Members are selected by the Hall of Fame Committee which meets one time per year to consider recommendations. Members of the Hall of Fame are listed in alphabetical order. Bios for all members will be added as time allows. Bios are Adobe Acrobat pdf files.

Raymond J. Baumgardt

Robert Briske

Richard Brown

Katie Buelow

Larry Case

Tom Colla

Wilbur Comstock

Joe Courtney

Robert Currie

Loren Dahnke

Robert Flynn

Gary Glowinski

Hank Grana

Alex Haddad

Al Harris

Chris Hartowicz

George Heinrich

Greg Jasek

Earl Joyce

Joe Krepel

Dr. Albert Lilly

Paul Litteau

David Luzio

Richard Maass

Greg Mills

Gene Monterastelli

Edward Morrissey

George Munzer

Jim Patrick

Gene Pawlowski

Don Pesceone

Dale Peters

Bob Rada

Aaron Robin

Len Selinsky

John Thirion

Dick Turner

Jeff Waggoner

Bob Wenderski

Scotty Wild

Bob Wiles

Paul Wojtena

Ernie Zimny