The Marching Roundtable Judges Academy has entered into a collaborative partnership with CSJA to support our continuing education program. CSJA members have the opportunity to get additional training in adjudication skills and philosophies through the coursework at the Judges Academy. Each level of the Judges Academy coursework is considered to be the equivalent of one credit of continuing education in CSJA. The shorter Judges Academy courses, when meeting a total of 4 hours of work, could be given .5 credit at the discretion of the Caption Heads. (A revised version of the CSJA continuing education policy statement will be available shortly.)

CSJA Members in the Judges Registry

CSJA members who complete Level One of the Judges Academy get the benefit of being added to the Judges Registry where they will join a listing of many of the top adjudicators in our activity and where contest promoters can find them and hire them for judging jobs.

CSJA Members Discount

CSJA members who sign up for Level One are eligible for a $ 100 discount on the course fees. If a member has already taken Level One prior to March 1, 2016, that member is eligible for a $ 100 discount on the Level Two course fees. Members interested in this offer should contact Tim Hinton at the Judges Academy for a discount code.

College Credit Through VanderCook

CSJA members also have the opportunity to receive graduate level college credit for Judges Academy coursework through VanderCook College of Music.  More information about this can be found here.

Fast Tracked Membership

Judges Academy Graduates have the opportunity to be “fast-tracked” for membership in CSJA because of the training they have received through the Marching Roundtable Judges Academy. How much of the CSJA membership coursework a candidate would be able to bypass is dependent upon the candidate’s experience as an instructor and a judge. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the CSJA Caption Heads.

More Information

CSJA Education Director Wayne Markworth, CSJA Assistant Director Greg Mills, and Dr. Joe Allison and Tim Hinton of the Judges Academy recently did a podcast in which they discuss the partnership and what it can mean for CSJA members, JA graduates, and others interested in becoming judges. It can be found here. More information about the Marching Roundtable Podcasts is available here.

The CSJA Continuing Education Policy document can be found here.