Congratulations to all of our participating ensembles!  Each and every submission was clear evidence of the commitment and dedication to music education from the administration, directors, staff, students and parents of each ensemble in this unprecedented and challenging time.  Thank you to all participants for allowing CSJA to be a small part of your incredible successes this fall season.

The Class Champions of the 2020 CSJA Virtual National Marching Band Championship are:

1A – Calvary Christian High School from Clearwater, Florida
2A – Pulaski County High School from Somerset, Kentucky
3A – Kings High School from Kings Mills, Ohio
4A – Marion Harding High School from Marion, Ohio
Open – Castle High School from Newbugh, Indiana

Click here full results from the contest!

The Central States Judges Association, America’s Premiere organization of marching band adjudicators, is proud to present the 2020 CSJA Virtual National Marching Band Championship. We welcome your ensemble to enter in order to receive feedback from our trained and professional adjudicators.

As a part of this event, we will offer both a competitive contest with scores, placements, and commentary, and a festival-style classification with comments only. No matter the goals of your program, we would like to help you move forward in this unprecedented and challenging time.

For the Competitive contest:

Only 2020-2021 high school bands from the United States are eligible. All performers must be current members of the ensemble.

Five competitive classes will be offered, based upon the number of playing members in the ensemble. Bands may choose a class higher than their size class if they wish. The classes are as follows: 

  • A (1-29 playing members),
  • AA (30-44),
  • AAA (45-59),
  • AAAA (60-89), and
  • Open (90 and above).

Bands will be evaluated using the criteria developed by the Mid-States Band Association. Links to those evaluation sheets are below.

Six judges will adjudicate each band, with the following point allocation to make a total possible score of 100 points.

  • Music Ensemble Performance (20), 
  • Music General Effect (20), 
  • Visual Ensemble Performance (20), 
  • Visual General Effect (20), 
  • Percussion Performance (10), and 
  • Auxiliary Performance (10). 

Due to the challenges of this unique time, final scores will be tabulated using a formula that divides the raw score by 2, and then adds 50 points. For example, a band with a raw score of 60.0 would have a final score of 80.0 (60.0/2 + 50 = 80.0).

Bands will also receive a rating of Superior (85 to 100 points), Excellent (75 to 84.99 points), or Good (50 to 74.99 points).

For the Festival class:

Any performing pageantry group is eligible, either from the United States or International.

Four evaluators will provide commentary for each performance:

  • Music (one judge that makes comments about all things music and how they relate to the program as a whole), 
  • Visual (one judge that makes comments about all things visual and how they relate to the program as a whole), 
  • Percussion, and 
  • Auxiliary.

For all classes:

The fee for groups entering the Competitive contest is $150.00. The fee for groups entering the Festival class is $100.00

Completed applications and full payment must be postmarked no later than Friday, October 16, 2020. Payments are to be made by check drawn on a US bank and made payable to Central States Judges Association. Performing groups outside of the US should contact us for alternative forms of payment.  The link to the application and payment form is below.

Submitted video must be recorded after August 1, 2020, and uploaded no later than Friday, October 30, 2020. Maximum performance time is 10 minutes. The view of the performers should fill up the video frame from an upper location. If possible, turn off camera audio compression. For clarity, it is suggested that the microphone be placed closer to the performance field, either wired or remote, if possible. No editing or splicing is permitted. Instructions for uploading videos will be sent once application and payment have been received.

All tabulation and commentary will be delivered using CompetitionSuite.

Each participating ensemble will receive a digital banner commemorating their achievement. Results will also be posted on the CSJA web site and CSJA social media sites. All results will be announced on Monday, November 9, 2020.

We thank the Mid-States Band Association for the use of their forms!

Music General Effect

Music Ensemble

Visual General Effect

Visual Ensemble



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