The mission of the Central States Judges Association of America, Inc., is to provide trained and certified adjudicators for competitive musical and visual ensembles of both scholastic and independent organizations throughout the United States of America. Judges will provide educationally based evaluations for the directors, staffs, and students of each performing ensemble. The priorities of CSJA of America, Inc. will be to rank, rate, and educate in a fair and consistent manner while keeping integrity at the forefront of each adjudicating endeavor.

What is CSJA?

The Central States Judges Association is a nationally respected group of outstanding adjudicators who share a common interest in their personal improvement as adjudicators and in improved adjudication practices. Founded in the late 1950s by a group of individuals who felt a need for defined judging standards, CSJA was the first association to hold a seminar for judges and instructors to improve the craft of pageantry arts and pageantry adjudication.

Realizing that the pageantry arts are an ever changing and evolving medium, CSJA strives to maintain its position at the vanguard of pageantry arts adjudication and education. As always, the strength of CSJA is our ability to respond to constant changes in the activity with significant educational programs for our members. Seminars, parlor sessions, field trials, written and oral exams, recorded commentary evaluations, caption quality control and a continued dedication to excellence are all parts of the definitive educational program of CSJA. No other adjudication association in the United States is as dedicated to the continual improvement and continuing education of its membership as the CSJA, a fact that we both cite with great pride and continue to cite as a prime advantage of our judges.

The individuals who make up the Central States Judges Association come from all occupations. The membership includes professional musicians, music educators, music arrangers and composers, as well as teachers, lawyers, businessmen, professional marketers, and business owners. While the career choices of the membership are diverse and unique, the members of CSJA have as their common goal to become and remain the best adjudicators they can possibly be. We hope you will find our association as a useful source of quality adjudicators, and we welcome your contact with our association.